Pineapple Taffy
Three cupfuls sugar
One cupful pineapple juice
Two tablespoonful cream of tartar
A few drops of yellow coloring
The juice from canned or freshly grated pineapple may be used.

Put the sugar, pineapple juice, lemon juice, cream of tartar in vessel over fire, boil to 280°, or until it is brittle when dropped in cold water. Pour on oiled slab or platter, allow to cool until it can be handled with the hands, when it must be pulled until it is light. Then it should be drawn out and cut in half-inch lengths with the
scissors. The yellow coloring must be worked in while the candy is being pulled, and only enough to make a very pale shade.

White or Pulled Taffy
Four cupfuls sugar
One-half cupful corn syrup
One and one-half cupfuls water
Teaspoonful flavoring

Put all the into kettle and stir until the sugar is dissolved, then wipe down sides of kettle with a damp cloth, put the thermometer in, and boil to 258°. Take from the fire and pour on slab or cold platter. Always use the iron bars to form enclosure when using slab. When it begins to get hard around the edges, lift up a little and fold into the center. When cool enough to handle, take in the hands and pull until it is white. Work in desired flavoring white pulling. If you make much pulled candy, you will be justified in purchasing a candy hook or in having one made.

Chocolate Taffy
Use recipe for white taffy, and just after pouring it on the slab, sprinkle the grated chocolate over it and the warmth of the candy will easily melt it.