Five cupfuls sugar
Two-thirds cupful corn syrup
One cupful butter
Two cupfuls water
One teaspoonful lemon extract

Put the sugar, corn syrup, and water in the kettle, bring to the boiling point, put in the thermometer, and cook to 300°. Turn down the fire very low and add butter, stir until it is melted, and then increase fire and bring it to a full boil. Turn it out on greased slab or platter. This candy must be stirred continually after the butter is

Soft Butterscotch
Make over the preceding recipe, but do not boil so hard. If one desires to have it soft and tough, it should be boiled to 260°, and if boiled to 280° it will be a medium between the real hard and soft.

Ginger Butterscotch
Make over the butterscotch recipe, and when adding the butter, add a heaping teaspoonful or more of ginger. If you want it hard, cook it to 300°, or to only 260° if you prefer having it soft.

Horehound Drops
Take two ounces of the dried herb and steep it in four cupfuls of water. Boil it for ten minutes, strain, then add six cupfuls of brown sugar, and boil to 305°. This candy cannot be tested successfully without a thermometer unless one has had a great deal of experience. When done, pour it upon the oiled marble or pan, and as soon as it begins to harden, mark in squares or sticks. With the thermometer no one can make a mistake on this; but without it, it is very difficult to tell when it is done, as a hard ball forms at 280°.

Glacé Nuts and Fruits
Take five cupfuls of sugar, two cupfuls of water, one-fourth teaspoonful of cream of tartar, and boil to 300°. Take it from the fire and drop in a few Brazil, English walnut, filbert, pecan, or other nut meats at a time, and immediately lift them out on waxed paper or on marble slab. Candied nuts are very easily and quickly made, and
are very attractive. The nuts may be dipped singly or in clusters. Figs, pitted and stuffed dates, raisins, candied cherries, sections of seedless oranges, strawberries, and other similar fruits may be dipped, but when juicy fruits are used, care must be exercised not to break the skin.