After-Dinner Mints
Take the amount of cream fondant desired and heat it in the double boiler as for dipping cream. When it is thoroughly heated, thin it a little more than for dipping bon-bons. Flavor and color as desired. Take it to the slab or table, allowing the upper vessel to remain over the hot water, and with a teaspoon or the funnel drop the wafer on the slab or on waxed paper. They will spread out real thin, and will harden quickly if thinned enough with water. Take only enough in the spoon each time for one wafer, and try to make them uniform in size, which is easily
done. This work must be done rapidly. If flavored with peppermint, make them white; if flavored with wintergreen, make them a pale pink; if flavored with nectar, make them a pale green; if flavored with lemon, make them a pale yellow.

Almond Cubes
Purchase some almond paste at a good confectionery store, or, which is better, buy the blanched almonds and run them through the food chopper, using the nut butter knife. Blend some cream or maple fondant with the ground nuts, just enough to make it hold together so it can be molded. Press out into a sheet one half inch in thickness and cut into
cubes. Coat them in maple flavored dipping cream.

Chocolate Cream Wafers
Take the amount of fondant desired and melt it in the double boiler as for dipping cream. Add the amount of grated chocolate necessary to make it the desired color and flavor, and then drop on the slab or waxed paper as directed to drop after-dinner mints. If these wafers are made rich enough with chocolate, they look and taste very much like milk chocolate.

Nut Fondant
Take two parts cream fondant and one part broken nut meats, knead them until well blended, then press out into a sheet about three-fourths of an inch in thickness. Let it stand over night, or until it hardens sufficiently to cut nicely, then cut into small squares with a sharp knife.

Fruit Fondant
Take one pint of cream fondant, one dozen candied cherries, and one-half cupful of minced candied citron. Mince the cherries, and blend the three ingredients. Press out into a sheet one inch in thickness, and when sufficiently hardened, cut it into inch squares.