Masked Figs
Get the pressed figs and cut them into halves. Coat them with caramel colored, maple flavored dipping cream.

Masked Marshmallows
Make the number of marshmallows desired, and coat them with flavored dipping cream, same as for coating bon-bons. If the marshmallows are cut into halves the candy will be more dainty in appearance.

Masked Dates
Wash and pit the dates. Fill the seed cavity with fondant or a nut kernel. Allow them to dry, and then coat them with white dipping cream flavored with vanilla. The chocolate dipping cream, made by adding grated chocolate to the hot cream, is splendid for coating dates.

Masked Orange
Use the California seedless oranges for this purpose. Peel them carefully and separate the section without breaking the skin. Discard those sections from which the juice escapes, and use them for another purpose. Coat the unbroken sections in white, orange flavored dipping cream.
Masked Malaga Grapes
Wash and dry the grapes, dip the stem end in XXXX sugar, and then coat them in lemon flavored dipping cream.

Masked Nuts
Prepare one cupful of the dipping cream as for dipping bon-bons, and turn into it two or more cupfuls of broken nut meats, stir until all the nuts are coated, and then lift them out on the slab or waxed paper in small spoonfuls. To have some broken nuts ready and stir them into left-over dipping cream is one of the best ways of using it up. Halves of English walnuts, pecans, or Brazil nuts may be coated singly in this way.