Put a portion of the cream fondant into the upper vessel of a
small double boiler, put boiling water in the lower vessel, and
put over fire. Heat the fondant, and after it has partly melted,
stir it until it is all of the same consistency. If it is too thick for
coating purposes, add a little water and stir it through. The
cream should be made about the consistency of evaporated milk,
or a little thinner. A good way to test it is to drop a little on the
marble slab, or on waxed paper, and if it sets immediately and
seems rather hard, a little more water may be added. Experience
alone will teach one just how thin the dipping cream may be
made. It is better for a beginner to have it a little too thick than
too thin.

Any desired flavors and colorings may be added.

Add grated chocolate to the dipping cream until it becomes the
desired color and flavor to make chocolate dipping cream.
The dipping cream must remain over the hot water all the time
candies are being dipped.