Many women will be interested in some of the simpler icing recipes we have given because of the ease with which they are made. The most delicate icing that can be produced is made over the Steamed Icing recipe. However, it will be observed that it is one of the most expensive because of the number of eggs required. The best icings are those that do not get hard and crack when the cake is cut, or are not gummy and tough, either of which characteristics are undesirable to cake icings. Icings made of fondants are among the best in quality possible of production, and are easily and quickly made, provided one has the fondant on hand.

Boiled Icing
Two cupfuls sugar
One-half cupful water
Whites of two eggs

Put the sugar and water over the fire in a small saucepan, and boil it until it spins a thread, or to 240° by the thermometer. Do not stir. While the syrup is boiling, separate the eggs and beat the whites until they are stiff enough to stand, and as soon as the syrup reaches the right degree, slowly pour the hot syrup into the eggs, beating the mixture continually. Continue beating until the icing becomes stiff enough to spread, and then quickly and deftly spread it on the cake. If one is careless and beats the icing too long, it sometimes sets before it can be put on the cake.

Boiled Nut Icing
Make over the above recipe, using brown sugar, and just before the icing is ready to spread on the cake, add one-half cupful or more of broken nut meats.

Raisin Icing
Make over the boiled icing recipe, using brown sugar instead of white. After beating the syrup into the whites, stir into it one-half cupful or more of seeded, chopped raisins, and beat until the raisins are separated and the icing smooth.