Fig Bon-Bons
Put one-half cupful of figs through the food chopper, and blend with two cupfuls of fondant. If the mixture is too sticky to mold, knead in a little XXXX sugar, then mold into flat, round shapes. The easiest way to mold these is to roll the mixture out into cylinder shape one inch in diameter, and then cut in quarter-inch lengths. Allow to harden and coat with chocolate dipping cream, and if desired, decorate with halves of English walnuts.

Nectar Bon-Bons
Take some of the cream fondant and flavor it with nectar. Press it out into a sheet one-half inch in thickness, and cut in diamond shapes. Allow to harden, then coat them with dipping cream colored a pale green and flavored mildly with nectar.

Colored Bon-Bons
Make one portion of fondant a pale green and another portion a pale yellow. Roll both portions out into a cylinder shape one half inch in diameter and then roll or press them together. Cut into quarter-inch or half-inch lengths, allow to harden, and coat with pale pink dipping cream. The green should be flavored with nectar, the yellow with lemon, and the pink with rose. However, any flavorings desired may be substituted for these.

Peanut Bon-Bons
Take one part peanut butter and one part fondant, blend them thoroughly, press out and cut into squares, allow to harden, and then coat with dipping cream. The dipping cream may be colored a little with caramel.

Pineapple Bon-Bons
Take a portion minced candied pineapples and two parts cream fondant. Blend, and mold into any shapes desired. Coat with lemon-flavored dipping cream.

Banana Bon-Bons
Color a portion of cream fondant a pale yellow and flavor it with banana flavoring. Roll into a cylinder one-half inch or one-fourth inch in diameter and cut into inch lengths, allow to harden, and coat with white, banana-flavored dipping cream.